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Ms. Cen

On-Site Provider

Established in August 2021, CPR and First Aid certified. We are a home-based family daycare registered with NY State and our program is open to the public for anyone in the community whether you are going to school, working or for those who just want to run errands without their children. I have over 16 years experience working with children of all ages where they are taught how to be themselves and gain confidence as they grow. We stand out from the rest. I am a proud parent of two children one who is a King and the other a Queen. Growing up I always wanted to be a pediatrician. I guess there were other plans for me instead. Growing up as a kid my very first job was babysitting. Even though it wasn't the easiest job I loved being able help and care for others. Most of my working background is in the medical field and at times I still continued to be a babysitter. I have searched high and low for the perfect daycare for my children to attend but never found it until I became the perfect family daycare reasons being some of the daycare locations were not in my community and too far away, some more expensive than others, and other places always had to close for whatever reason. Outside of those reasons there were a few obstacles standing in my way as well but no matter how hard it may have been I never let it get to the best of me so, I know exactly how you feel. I have been where you are, that's why I decided to start this on my own and be the best provider that I know how to be and continue providing the best care for my community for those who are seeking care for their children.

Mon-Fri: 7:00am-6:30pm

After Hours: Available upon request

(Selected Holidays)Available upon request

Sat & Sun: Available upon request

Payment Methods

  • Private Pay

  • DSS Subsidy & Other Scholarships

  • Credit Cards:

         Visa, Master Card, & American Express


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